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Python 3.5 in Fedora 23


$ dnf copr enable -y mstuchli/Python3.5
$ dnf install -y python35-python3
$ python3.5

Y U NO 3.5

If you use Fedora 23, you may have noticed we ship it with Python 3.4.3, instead of the newest Python 3.5. Some people have expressed their disappointment with that, saying that Fedora does not take Python seriously.

I would argue it’s exactly the opposite: we’re doing our best to help the Python ecosystem to move to Python 3, which is why Python 3 is the default in Fedora; why we don’t ship Python 2 at all in the minimal installation of F23 Workstation and why, this week, we’re holding a virtual Fedora Activity Day dedicated to Python 3 porting.

Python 3.5 and Fedora 23 releases were unfortunately very close together and since Python 3 is so important to the workings of Fedora, we felt that we can’t risk shipping with version that was not thoroughly tested in the context of Fedora.

3.5 in Fedora 23 after all

Seeing that people were really interested in having Python 3.5 in Fedora, I’ve created a COPR repo with Python and pip. If you’ve never worked with COPR, here’s how to enable it:

$ dnf install -y dnf-plugins-core
$ dnf copr enable -y mstuchli/Python3.5
$ dnf install -y python35-python3

Now you can run pip3.5 and python3.5!

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